Room Capacity

Important Update

We thank you for your patience and cooperation during these challenging times.
Due to the increasing demand for meeting space from our 300+ groups, we encourage you to please consider using your own virtual meeting software for smaller meetings less than one hour.
You might want to look into obtaining a free Zoom account or Free Conference Call.

However, if you do not have access to another virtual platform, and you need to use ACRL’s virtual meeting space,
you're welcome to do so.




ACRL Virtual Meeting Information
As an organization, we understand the importance of having a variety of tools available to meet and work on ACRL initiatives throughout the year, and we’re committed to making the overall virtual meeting process smooth for you. Whether you need to request a room for a large discussion forum or a mid-size committee meeting, we're here to assist you with those requests.

ACRL offers its committees and communities of practice groups use of virtual meeting software for Zoom Meeting (up to 300 attendees) and Zoom Web (up to 999 attendees). Before scheduling, we encourage you to review the Virtual Meeting Guidelines and the Virtual Meeting Best Practices.

Please use the below Virtual Meeting Calendar, to request your meeting and practice session. This calendar can be used to book meetings two weeks or more in advance of the meeting date. If you need to request a meeting less than two weeks in advance, please contact ACRL Program Coordinator, Elois Sharpe at We will do our best to accommodate your request.

If you need to request a blended meeting for Midwinter or ALA Conference, please submit that request with your face-to-face MW or AC meeting requests via email.

All meeting times on the calendar, are Central Standard Time, (CST).
{Time slots to request meetings are, 11am-12pm, 1pm-2pm, and 3pm-4pm}

{Due to the volume of meeting requests received during this season, we ask that you please allow at least 5 business days to receive your meeting confirmation.}

A confirmation email will be sent with the meeting link to indicate that your meeting has been finalized. As a group leader/meeting coordinator,  please be sure to share the meeting url with your respective unit.  

Thank you for your patience!

Wishing you safety and wellness during this unprecedented time!

Practice Sessions
A gentle alert, please be careful when you make your practice session request. Your practice session must be in the same Zoom room as your meeting. (If you've requested a meeting in Zoom Webinar, your practice session must also be in Zoom Webinar.)

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Personal Data Notification

The ALA (American Library Association and its units) and the ALA-APA (Allied Professional Association) (collectively “ALA”) use the personal data you provide to the ALA to process membership, inform you of products, services, conferences, education opportunities, events and for other purposes which are within the Association’s mission.  To accomplish these actions, ALA contracts with third-parties who gather and process personal data to complete interactions such as online purchases, conference registration, and fulfillment. The personal data as provided is processed and stored as a legitimate Interest to the ALA in order to fulfill your requests for information and services from ALA.
For more information, review ALA’S PRIVACY POLICY.

Zoom Meeting (up to 300) Capacity: 300

Can hold up to 300 attendees.
No times available

Zoom Web (up to 999) Capacity: 999

Can hold up to 999 attendees.
No times available

Meeting Announcement - 10 Days Prior

Per the ALA Open Meeting Policy, meetings must be publicly announced at least 10 days prior to the meeting date. Virtual meeting requests should be made as early as possible (especially during the weeks surrounding Midwinter and Annual Conference), as use of meeting rooms is based on availability. 

Meeting Minutes - 30 Days Following

The results of virtual meeting must be made public no fewer than 30 days after the meeting’s conclusion, and should be publicly posted to ALA Connect and emailed to your staff liaison. Meeting minutes should not attribute items to a particular person, and should aim to capture the meeting outcomes at a high level.

Please refer to the ACRL Guide to Policies and Procedures, Chapter 8: Meetings for full guidelines and definitions.